Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Seattle Times Article

Seattle Times Article on wildlife tracking in snow, and the Cascade Citizen Wildlife Monitoring Project.

Check it out!

Animal trackers read dramas in the snow by Kathryn True. November 17, 2010.

American marten (Martes americana) track in snow.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Bears, for a change of pace

A few images from a recent trip to the 7 Lakes Basin in Olympic National Park.

Black Bear feeding on huckleberries. East of Heart Lake, Olympic National Park

Black bear, Olympic National Park

Black bear, Olympic National Park.

Darcy Ottey with the Hoh River Valley and Mt. Olympus in the background.
Darcy Ottey watching a bear feed in the meadow beyond her. An Olympic marmot was also watching the bear with much scrutiny. West of Swimming Bear Lake, Olympic National Park.

Western Heather Vole (Phenacomys intermedius). Lunch Lake, Olympic National Park.

Stream in the Sol Duc River Valley, Olympic National Park.

Black bear, feeding on huckleberries. Olympic National Park.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Clayoquot Sound, B.C.

Wolf tracks along west coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Bald eagle above a foggy forest.

Carcass of juvenile humpback whale on beach of island in Clayoquot Sound

Racoon foraging for sand flees on beach of island in Sound

Black-tailed deer feeding on seaweed on island in Clayoquot Sound.

River otter scent marking on seaweed as tide goes out.

Black bear foraging for invertebrates in the intertidal zone by rolling rocks.

Large Sitka spruce in ancient forest on island in the Sound.

 A gray wolf trots along the beach early in the morning with ravens in the background.
West Coast, Vancouver Island

Tofino Inlet, Clayoquot Sound.

Harbor seals lounging at low tide.

Despite decades of conservation efforts, Clayoquot Sound, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve,  faces numerous severe threats to its ecological integrity including clear cut logging of roadless old growth forests, industrial Atlantic salmon fish farms, and proposed open-pit copper mining. Learn more about the region and how you can support conservation in the region at the following websites:

Atlantic salmon fish farm in Clayoquot Sound with uncut forest in background. Several rivers with no clearcuts or roads in them are seeing massive declines in salmon numbers due to sea lice and other issues associated with fish farming in the Sound. The smell is overwhelming, far worse than a dairy farm and totally shocking in such a wild setting.

Active clearcut logging in Clayquot Sound. Top of the photo is uncut oldgrowth. Bottom is regrowth from a previous clearcut.

Growth rings: over 200. Destination: ?

Huge western red ceder stump set amidst second growth forest of planted Douglas firs. Note that the original nurse log that the ceder tree started growing on in still under the stump, attesting to the volume of biomass in the previous ancient forest and the literally centuries it took to create the structural diversity so important to many Old growth obligate species.

Friday, July 2, 2010


 Western heather vole (Phenacomys intermedius).
Olympic National Park, Washington.

Winter Wren with insects in its mouth bound for hungry young.
Western Washington.

Black bear.
Olympic National Park, Washington

American Pika
feeding on just sprouting larch needles
Lake Chelan-Sawtooth Wilderness, North Cascades, Washington

Male Blue grouse
North Cascades, Washington

Townsend's vole
feeding on grass
Snoqualmie Valley, Washington

Black-tailed Deer Buck
Klamath Mountains
Northwestern California

Western Grey Squirrel
feeding on acorns in an oak tree
Klamath Mountains
Southwestern Oregon

Western Jumping Mouse
Selkirk Mountains, southeastern British Columbia

Grizzly Bear on Elk carcass
North Fork Flathead River, northwestern Montan

Bull Moose
Northeast Washington

Mountain goats in mist
Goat Rocks Wilderness
Washington Cascades

Bighorn Sheep Ram
Clemens Mountain
East slope Washington Cascades

Great Egret
Bolinas Lagoon
Northern California

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Northwest People

Outward Bound Instructor Jacob Anderson climbing the Horsefly couloire on Reynolds Peak
Sawtooth Range, North Cascades, Washingtion.

Naturalist Marcus Reynerson inspects a black bear den discovered by David Scott who looks on along with Gabe Spence and Brian McConnell. Western Washington.


Climbing guide Forest McBrian shows off some stylin' moves.
Bellingham, Washington.


A taste of winter for Emily Gibson.
Washington Cascades.

Casey McFarland prepares goose feathers for photographing for his forthcoming text on Bird Feathers of North America (co-author David Scott).
Redmond, Washington.

Naturalist Emily Gibson inspects a marsh wren nest she discovered
Potholes, WA

Darcy Ottey on a sunny fall day in the Cascades

Rosa Levin taking a photograph,
North Cascades, Washington

Mountaineer Steve Smith applies sunscreen on a bright day.
Ragged Ridge, North Cascades Washington.

Forest McBrian reflects on life and love.
Nisqually Wildlife Refuge, Puget Sound Washington.

Bling Bling takes a well earned rest bellow High pass.
Glacier Peak Wilderness, Washington.

Drawing badger tracks from a plaster cast.
Vashon Island, Washington.